Amazon Collection AGS Certified 14k White Gold Diamond with Screw Back and Post Stud Earrings (J-K Color, I1-I2 Clarity)
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Amazon Collection AGS Certified 14k White Gold Diamond with Screw Back and Post Stud Earrings (J-K Color, I1-I2 Clarity)


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Price: $799.00
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From the manufacturer

Natural Diamonds by Amazon CollectionNatural Diamonds by Amazon Collection

Naturally brilliant diamond jewelry for the important milestones of life

Amazon Collection Diamond Jewelry

When you buy diamond jewelry you need to have full confidence in the integrity of the vendor, the manufacturer and the diamond itself. With the Amazon Collection you can be sure of all three because all stages of the creation of your diamond, from the rough diamond to the finished jewelry, are managed under one roof. The result is a reliable product at a better price.

Affordable Luxury

Hand picked diamonds

Laboratory graded

Jewelry made in USA

Strict quality control

Why We’re Special

finest rough diamonds

finest rough diamonds

diamond certification

diamond certification

microscope setting jewelry

microscope setting jewelry

quality control

quality control

Our Diamonds

Our experts carefully select the finest diamonds from a huge assortment of rough stones.

Then we use advanced technology to cut and polish our diamonds, achieving maximum brilliance of each stone.

Grading and Certification

The polished diamonds are graded according to the strictest guidelines. Many of our diamonds come with a certificate from leading independent labs such as AGS or IGI, with details of the diamond’s four C’s (read more about that below). The unique number on each certificate allows you to look up your diamond on the lab’s website.

Jewelry Made in USA

Our jewelry is manufactured in the USA by experts who carefully match the diamonds and use microscopic technology to set the stones in jewelry.

Our micro-setting and screw back earrings ensures your comfort and safety.

Quality Control

Our Quality control is conducted in three stages:

Gold inspection, setting inspection and general piece inspection after completion. Our high QC standards ensure that our jewelry reaches you in perfect condition every time.

clarity inclusionsclarity inclusions


Natural diamonds have inclusions, marks that are often invisible to the naked eye. Under a jeweler’s magnifying loupe they can look like crystals, tiny rivers, or clouds, and they affect the diamond’s brilliance and value. In the Amazon collection, even diamonds of lower clarity grades are selected for their natural brilliance.

diamond cutting polishingdiamond cutting polishing


The way a diamond is cut by the artisan – the precise angles of the facets – determines how the rays of light that enter the diamond will be reflected and refracted to create the diamond’s fire and brilliance. The diamonds of the Amazon Collection are cut by experienced artisans to give you the most brilliance for your dollar.

sorting colorsorting color


In nature, most diamonds have a yellowish or brown tint and only the rarest diamonds are colorless. Diamonds are graded for color using a scale that ranges from D (colorless) to Z, which is visibly yellow. The more colorless a diamonds is, the more costly it will be. Amazon Collection uses diamonds graded D to L on the color scale.


Carat Weight

A diamond’s weight is measured in carats, with one carat being equivalent to 100 points. You will often see a diamond referred to as a 3/4-carat stone or as a 75-point diamond. When there is more than one diamond in a piece of jewelry the total carat weight is indicated. For example , diamond studs of ½ cttw will include two stones of 0.25 cts.

carat weights and sizescarat weights and sizes

The size of a diamond is usually expressed in carats, which is actually a weight measurement. The chart to the left illustrates the relative sizes of diamonds of different carat weights. These weights refer to one diamond. A pair of earrings is sold by total carat weight – the combined weight of both diamonds.

These classic solitaire studs are AGS certified and a certificate will be included
Carat weight listed is the total for both studs
All our diamond suppliers confirm that they comply with the Kimberley Process to ensure that their diamonds are conflict free
Made in the USA


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